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District Resources

Leading a district is a challenging job--congratulations and a big thank you for taking it on! I want to connect you to resources that you might find useful throughout the coming year. Most of them come from the Toastmasters International Website, but I've gathered them together for your convenience. If there are other resources and topics that you would like to see here, then please let me know and I will see what I can find or produce for you.  Let's connect and talk! And check back often--I'll be adding content throughout the year!

The products below come from the Toastmasters International Statistics and Data Hub. They can be helpful in better understanding your target audiences and also when looking at your District club growth and programs quality programs to help assess how well you are meeting the needs and concerns the surveys reflect. A word of caution, however, while these are very useful statistics, they are across the entire Toastmasters Organization--your district may not be exactly the same, but they are still very useful as a general reference point for you to start from.

Fact Sheet Cover.jpg
Alumni Survey Cover.jpg
Member Satisfaction Cover.jpg
Member Demographics Cover.jpg

Recognition is very important! Look for as many opportunities to recognize members as possible. This guide have can help.

of the year cover.jpg

It is likely, especially during these uncertain times, that you will need to communicate change to your districts and leadership teams. This can be challenging, but when done well can help teams effectively meet challenges, overcome obstacles and adversity, and grow and thrive. Toastmasters has a guide that may help you, check it out here. Toastmasters also has a number of resources to help with building, and rebuilding, clubs. Check out "How to Build A Toastmasters Club" and "How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club"!

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