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The previous pages try to show the various component's of a hybrid meeting and how they fit together, except for one thing that is extremely important, and extremely easy to overlook—power. Many of the components we have talked about will be able to draw power from the computer, whether directly plugged in or indirectly through a hub or docking station. However, as you probably already know, if the computer is not plugged in and is running off its battery, the more things that are plugged into it, the shorter the battery life is—perhaps too short for a meeting. And not all components can run off the computer, monitors for example. This means you will need extension cords and power strips. And since many components use AC/DC converters, such as the one shown below, there needs to be enough accessible outlets to accommodate them (they can occupy 2-3 slots on a power strip depending on the arrangement of the outlets. And some components will need their own batteries—always carry extras.   

Hybrid meeting 12.jpg

And as if putting this all together is not already complicated, component cables and power cords are very rarely interchangeable--make sure they don't get lost. 

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