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When I met Dana in 2013, I had no idea we would take such a marvelous journey as Toastmasters.  I am not only honored to call him colleague but friend.  In the past eight years since I have met Dana, I have grown tremendously in many areas. 

I joined Toastmasters at a time when I had quite honestly, lost my voice. Dana’s leadership and coaching helped me not only regain my voice but I also helped others find their voices.  This is a hallmark of a Level Five Leader, the effect of their work is felt beyond the initial impact.  Although, it is not often one meets a Level Five Leader, I believe Dana exemplifies those qualities.  Level Five Leaders are altruistic and are servant leaders.  Those who are truly servant leaders have the ability to effortlessly bridge chasms of varied experience and backgrounds.

Dana exhibits the rare ability bring a group of people together and form a collaborative environment.  Our club is a closed club in a government building comprised of five different agencies.  He speaks eloquently in diverse groups and in such a way that everyone understands the message.  In the light of differing missions and agendas for multiple agencies, Dana was able to seamlessly connect and impact a building of over 3000 personnel who are often transient.  His leadership continues to reach the far corners of the world in Toastmasters who benefited from their time in our club.

Dana is a very accomplished leader but he never stops learning or asking for candid feedback.  Dana not only hears feedback but he listens and he operationalizes it.  He leads by example, from the front.  Dana is a skillful project manager who can see not only the big picture but understanding the underlying pieces which are the foundation.  To this end, I whole-heartily, without reservation support Mr. Dana Richard for the esteemed position of International Director.

     - Rhondra O. Willis-Brown, Ph.D., DTM, Certified Leadership and Performance Coach


I have counted it a privilege that for the past 5+ years, Dana Richard calls me his friend. I first met him in our “closed” club which was restricted to the Government employees and contractors supporting the DOD organizations in our building. During this time, I witnessed first-hand his principled leadership and the way he would inspire members by believing in them and by building them up. Indeed, with over ten years of Toastmasters experience prior to joining this club, it was Dana who was responsible for encouraging me to step into new challenges and to complete my Distinguished Toastmaster award. It is with that same commitment to the individual that he builds teams and organizations, and the results are nothing less than spectacular, as evidenced by his meteoric rise through our district’s leadership ranks. His leadership success in our district was almost taken for granted by those like me who know him best. He will be an incredible International Director and remain a humble servant to each of us.


     - Rev. David G. Taylor, DTM, PMI, PMI-RMP, ACC

       Leadership Coach


Agility is a leadership trait that I observed in Distinguished Toastmaster Dana Richard.


Serving in the office of District Director during the onset of the pandemic, presented DTM Richard with a multitude of instantaneous, unforeseen challenges. As a member of his team, I can attest to his ability to expediently galvanize his leaders, develop a plan, and redirect the team. His agility as a leader culminated in his leading the district to a distinguished status.

     - Talisa Thomas-Hall, DTM, D29 Division Director, 2019-2020



Dana is what we all hope to become as a leader and communicator. He focuses on the mission and develops everyone around him along the journey. Dana has a knack for connecting with others, and he does so with humility and empathy, promoting a team atmosphere. In different leadership positions in District 29, he always was available. Dana’s volunteering spirit promotes Toastmasters in a way that makes people want to join just to learn from his techniques. If a club struggled, he reached out to see what he could do to help. If a club was highly successful, he checked in to see what they were doing to share with other clubs. Dana is devoted to self-development and passionate in encouraging others. He is open to diverse ideas while also being decisive when necessary, particularly regarding Toastmasters procedures and policies. Dana empowers those fortunate enough to serve in Toastmasters with him. He prides himself on excellence, and he definitely has delivered for our District from the member level on up. Dana will be an exceptional representative at the international level.

     - Cynthia Lewis, PhD, DTM, D29, AD 2019-20



I have been a Toastmaster since 2016. Like many, Toastmasters has transformed me into an effective communicator and capable leader. The journey has been challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable - with many thanks to people like Dana.


I first met Dana while serving as Club President in 2018. From Day 1, he's epitomized Toastmaster's values, no matter his role or level of involvement within a club or leadership position; he treats everyone with the utmost respect and is service-oriented, always helping his fellow Toastmasters and their clubs in any way that he can. Seeing the difference Dana makes in our District, fellow Toastmasters want to emulate his integrity and drive for excellence, which I believe is evidenced by the continued success of District 29.


As an Area and Division Director, I was continually amazed at how well informed Dana was with 'everything Toastmasters' and how effectively he disseminated information to the DEC. He was always willing to discuss this information further to ensure everyone had a thorough understanding and clear expectations for next steps. Authoritative yet approachable, Dana welcomes feedback and input from others, creating a team-oriented, focused, and cohesive environment.


I attribute not only my success in, but also my appreciation for Toastmasters to all the inspiring members and thoughtful leaders, including my friend Mr. Dana Richard.


     - Sabrina M. Woodlief, DTM, SR1

       D29 Division E 2019-2020

       D29 Area 41 2018-2019



When I first began working with Dana Richard in 2018, I realized that he was the kind of leader who put other people’s well-being and successes first.  As a District leader, Dana was able to diligently lead the District’s efforts to become Distinguished.  He worked well with others, and went out of his way to recognize their contributions while making contributions of his own.


     - Regina Faulkerson, DTM, D29 Division Director 2019-20



As District Director for District 29, Dana Richard led a team of Toastmasters to successfully adjust our Toastmaster's program from live to virtual in the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic.  The district's quick transition served as an example for other districts.  


     - DTMs David and Michelle Matthews



Dana is one of the most engaging and thoughtful candidates I read about and spoke with. He cares deeply about Toastmasters and his background in the military makes him a very even keeled leader. I'm excited to see him in a higher leadership role!

     - Alistair Watson, Secretary, Que Pasa Toastmasters Club, District 27

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